Today in Green IT: Waiting for the electric car market

Despite heavy exuberance for the adoption of electric cars, forecasts have been relatively conservative, points out Adam Lesser, GigaOM Pro’s Green IT analyst in his weekly column (subscription required). Analysts expect global annual sales to be around a million in 2015 for plug-in hybrid electrics and EVs combined, compared to the global auto market, which is in the neighborhood of 70 million vehicles today.

In the back of everyone’s minds is the hope that more EVs will be like the Prius, a car that sells in excess of 400,000 units per year and makes up a significant part of global auto sales leader Toyota’s overall business, which was 8.42 million vehicles in 2010. The barriers to EV adoption are widely known but center around a few major issues, including range anxiety, charging time and initial cost. The Prius had none of these problems.

To read his entire column check out GigaOM Pro. Here’s what else Adam is reading about and thinking about this week:

  • The idea of using solar power for off the grid electricity isn’t new. But the Econet Home Power Station, being developed for the African market, tells us a lot about the integration of cellular networks, payments, and the electrical grid in the developing world.
  • Global industry CO2 output rising even in weak economy: study. Despite the economic slowdown in 2008-2009, carbon emissions surged ahead 6 percent in 2010.
  • India shortlists bidders for national solar project. A 350-megawatt round of solar projects in India has led to the government shortlisting a group of companies for the national solar project. Bids as low as 15 cents a kilowatt came in. India envisions 20 gigawatts of solar installed by 2022.