Gigwalk talks mobile as future of staffing, launches Android beta

Ariel Seidman, CEO and Co-Founder Gigwalk at Net:Work 2011Smartphones are the key to making intelligent connections between tomorrow’s workforce and employers, says Ariel Seidman, co-founder and CEO of Gigwalk. At Net:Work 2011, he spoke about how the smartphone will increasingly become the connection point that connects jobs and workers, and how it’s uniquely well-positioned to do that.

Seidman talked about how Gigwalk is based on the idea of using a mobile device to match jobs that need doing with people who are well-equipped to do them. The idea is that the apps can be moneymakers for users, instead of just cash draws. He discussed the fact that mobile is also a key inflection point, which will fundamentally change how we work.

Work, at least the kind people seek through mobile means, can be one of two types, says Seidman. It can be casual and meant to cover small gaps or financial needs in a user’s life says Seidman, like helping them pay a specific bill. Or it can be more substantial, looking for a way to fill out the remainder of a part-time schedule, for instance. The spectrum includes jobs that take a few minutes to complete or longer-term contracts that can span days. Mobile can cater to both ends of this spectrum.

Mobile tech also allows companies to fill positions incredibly quickly: Seidman said that Microsoft (s MSFT) had a 24-hour turnaround when it used Gigwalk for a recent engagement.

In the interest of opening up opportunities to even more workers, Gigwalk is launching an Android (s goog) client in private beta on Thursday, which will be available on its site.

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Photo by Pinar Ozger.