Net:Work live video coverage

For many of us, work is no longer a place that we go to. It’s a thing we do — from home, on planes, in coworking spaces and from anywhere else with a Wi-Fi connection and decent cell service.

Today at Net:Work 2011, held at San Francisco’s Mission Bay Conference Center, we’ll look at how work is changing and how it will continue to change in years to come. The staff of GigaOM and GigaOM Pro will talk with people on the front lines of these changes about the effects of this always-on workforce on the worker, robots as the next-gen telepresence device, how new interfaces such as gesture and voice will affect our physical workspaces, and what traits companies should be looking for in their future managers. We’ll also hear case studies from companies such as SAP and InterContinental Hotels Group to hear first-hand how they have dealt with the challenges of the new workforce.

Our livestream of the event begins at 8:25 a.m. PT on Thursday, December 8, and we will be live-blogging the onstage sessions. Please join the conversation on Twitter (use the #WorkConf hashtag and follow @WorkConf).

Live-blogged stories from the event: