Today in Cloud

Sean Gallagher has a piece on Ars Technica this morning, which suggests that Microsoft lost a deal with European defence contractor BAE Systems… because of fears about PATRIOT Act-endorsed snooping. Microsoft, Gallagher writes, “could not guarantee that [BAE’s] data wouldn’t leave Europe.” Oops. Back in September, I looked at a recent European enthusiasm for getting tough about data. BAE’s decision is one more instance of this, and it’s really not clear yet how widespread the repercussions might be. Derrick Harris put the U.S. perspective last month, suggesting that U.S. companies want “free trade for data.” If U.S. laws like the PATRIOT Act continue to apply, companies, governments and citizens beyond the United States’ borders may not be so enthusiastic. “Free Trade” on one country’s terms is not free at all, regardless of the spin.