The web video fan’s holiday gift guide

We’ve already told you what to get the cord cutters in your life — but what about the web video enthusiast? Below are several suggestions based on ages, interests and more!

If your seven-year-old keeps stealing your iPhone to watch YouTube:

It’s kind of inevitable that web series-turned-multiplatform success story The Annoying Orange would branch out into merchandising, and the resulting variety of figurines and plush toys are pretty cute. Toys R Us has a wide selection available for $6.99 to $8.99.

For the friend who’s constantly filming stuff:

For $60.00, you can gift a year’s subscription to Vimeo Plus, which will allow the video nerd in your life unlimited HD video uploading, 5 GB a week of storage space, and full player control. (You’ll be in good company — Vimeo Plus currently has more than 150,000 paying customers.)

For video game fans:

Perhaps a season or two of Red vs. Blue on DVD? One of the first and most popular machinima series ever, nine seasons as well as three volumes of collected shorts have been packaged for DVD, available directly from the Rooster Teeth website. Seasons vary in price from $7.95 (for Season 1) to $19.95 (for Season 2).

For your co-worker who likes to blast music videos on his computer speakers:

Headphones! The gift that keeps on giving. If you want to escape the ubiquitous white Apple earbuds, The Wirecutter recommends the MeElectronics M9 earphones, which you can pick up for $17.99 on Amazon.

For your favorite Guild fan:

The Guild went all out with merchandising this year, but even two years later, this is my personal favorite: Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like a big poster of Felicia Day and Shirtless Wil Wheaton on the Scottish highlands. ThinkGeek has it for $19.99.

For those with more than 50 YouTube subscriptions:

When I was growing up, Hot Topic was where you bought your goth gear, but in the digital age, the store has branched out to celebrate web culture with a wide variety of T-shirts celebrating everything from Shane Dawson to Nyan Cat. Prices range from $19.50 to $63.50 (for a very fancy Epic Meal Time jacket.)

What other things might an online video fan enjoy getting in their stockings? Tell us in the comments!