The weekend review: the e-book market

This week’s top articles reveal a continued interest in consumer and mobile products – an unsurprising trend, as we head into the holiday shopping and gadget-buying season (and subsequently recover from Cyber Monday). Michael Wolf’s research note, “Forecast: the evolution of the e-book market,” snagged the top slot this week, dovetailing with the overall popularity of GigaOM Pro content related to tablets and devices closely tied to the e-book industry, such as the iPad 2 and the Kindle Fire. Michael’s article sparked a discussion about media consumption on a broader basis – including the changing role of programmed recommendations and content discovery for television, movies and video on demand. In related news, two of our recent anthologies, “Connected world: the consumer technology revolution,” and “The future of mobile: a segment analysis by GigaOM Pro,” which provide forecasts and segment analysis of the connected consumer and mobile markets, continue to remain at the top of our reader favorites.

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