Yammer cuts off content sprawl with Box

Many of us have dealt with a classic — and worrisome — problem in the workplace: content sprawl. Whether it’s because we’re storing documents on different hard drives, different systems or different devices, isolated content can be the bane of collaboration in any company.

Luckily, moving to the cloud makes it easy for everyone on your team to access the latest documents in just a few clicks, which makes your content more organized — and more powerful.

Yammer, a leader in enterprise social networking, also experienced the pains of content sprawl before it moved to Box:

  • Its sales team never knew if materials were the latest marketing-approved versions
  • A lack of content centralization made collaboration difficult
  • Sales reps couldn’t easily share content with prospects

Luckily, a solution was just 10 minutes away. By taking advantage of Box’s Salesforce integration, it improved communication and collaboration tenfold across the entire Yammer team, which lead to happier employees, satisfied customers and a more productive company. Setting up the integration was a breeze, too: Don Otvos, the Sales Operations manager, states, “integrating Box with our Salesforce platform took under ten minutes.”

To hear the entire story, and to learn how to optimize your team in minutes, check out the video interview and case study. http://content.box.net/?elqPURLPage=42