Pottermore.com Runs Reading Survey In Preparation For Harry Potter E-Books

Ahead of the release of the Harry Potter e-books and digital audiobooks, J. K. Rowling’s Pottermore.com is running a survey on reading habits.

Pottermore was supposed to open its e-bookstore in October, but pushed back the launch to the first half of 2012, citing concerns about heavy traffic.

The survey asks for country of residence, age (the highest age group is “Over 35”), and whether respondents are parents of kids under 13. It asks respondents which Harry Potter books they have read, what their favorite is, and which of the books they own in printed form. The survey also asks about respondents’ e-reading habits: How often they read e-books, which device they use and where they buy the books from. And it includes other questions about whether respondents would give the e-books and digital audiobooks as gifts and which other Harry Potter products they have purchased.

I found this question interesting:

15. Why would you not be interested to buy the Harry Potter eBooks? (Choose any that apply)

–Already have them as printed books
–Likely to be too expensive for me
–I don’t have a credit or debit card for buying online
–Other (please elaborate)

The credit/debit card answer may be aimed at kids who don’t have their own cards, or at some international respondents who foresee problems using their credit cards. In response to the former concern, I would not be surprised to see Pottermore.com offer a “funding” option where parents can add money to kids’ accounts.

You can take the survey here.