NFL Will Stream Superbowl For First Time

This year’s Superbowl is in Indianapolis and it’s a sure thing the hometown Colts will not be playing. But, luckily for the Colts and the rest of us, the big game can now be seen online and on certain mobile devices.

The National Football League announced today that it is expanding its online offerings to include for the first time the Superbowl, the ProBowl and NBC’s Wild Card Saturday doubleheader.

One intriguing twist in the announcement is that, although the online stream will be available everywhere in the US, only Verizon subscribers will be able to watch it on their mobile phones through a special app.

Marketers will no doubt be watching closely to see how consumers react to new platforms for America’s biggest advertising event. While it’s unlikely that viewers will give up ritual Superbowl parties and bar gatherings to stream the game on their own, the streams will likely represent a second screen in many living rooms.

The NFL also announced that the streams will include features to “enrich the viewing experience” such as special camera angles, stats, highlights and interactive features.