Get the big picture for big data??

At Structure:Data 2012 GigaOM will assemble the world’s leading technologists, practitioners and business leaders to answer the questions posed by the growth of big data, including storage needs, data analysis and new business opportunities. Major themes include infrastructure, algorithms, startups and “putting data to work.” Workshops and in-depth discussions will provide access to the people and information that smart businesses need to manage and analyze the staggering amount of data being created.

Attend Structure:Data to find out:

  • What you can do with your data
  • Who to hire to help manage data and how to train the IT department
  • What CIOs need to think about
  • Which solutions and approaches make sense for your company

Structure:Data 2012’s speaker lineup will feature top executives from leading companies including:

  • Currie Boyle, Distinguished Engineer, IBM
  • Raj Aggarwal, CEO and Co-Founder, Localytics
  • Don Basile, CEO, Violin Memory
  • Dave Asprey, VP Cloud Security, Trend Micro
  • Ron Avnur, CTO, MarkLogic

See the full lineup here.

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