Today in Cleantech

There’s an interesting post over at, a site that covers the real estate market. It notes that in an otherwise gloomy time for commercial real estate, one bright spot has been data center expansion. Data center capacity is quoted in megawatts, not square footage, because data center operators need to know how much power they can get more than how big a warehouse they can get. Data centers continue to expand to meet the accelerating needs of consumers to access data on every conceivable device, from smartphones to smart thermostats. And power and energy efficiency will only grow in importance not just in the eyes of major IT players, but also in those brokering commercial real estate.
I’m off next week, Green IT readers, but stay tuned next Tuesday for my 2012 Outlook for the entire sector. It’s been a great second half of 2011 analysing the most important trends in cleantech and I’m looking forward to more excitement next year. Have a wonderful holiday!