Today in Social

My colleague Mathew Ingram correctly describes this nutty piece from Betabeat with supposedly “leaked” details of “secret plans” as “breathless.” Mathew’s analysis is that making ads socially relevant is the way of the future. It’s Facebook’s challenge to make sure those ads really are relevant. That means applying a lot of big data analysis beyond just noting friends’ likes. Sure, the ads will be harder to ignore once they’re in the news feed. But marketers won’t get any added benefit – or pay CPM rates higher than the bargain-basement ones Facebook usually commands – unless users don’t think of the ads as annoying clutter. In some ways, Twitter has the potential to deliver an interest graph more predictive of consumption and purchasing than much of Facebook’s social data. Could Facebook license it?
I’m on holiday next week, so posting will be sparse. Here’s wishing you and yours a safe and pleasant one.