The weekend review: wireless in the post-AT&T/T-Mobile world

GigaOM’s Stacey Higginbotham is having a banner month. Hot on the heels of her Carrier IQ rundown, this week’s most popular article was “Confused about the wireless markets? Here’s a breakdown,” Stacey’s wrap-up of the year’s big wireless news: mergers, acquisitions and — perhaps more tellingly — failed acquisitions. With the $39 billion AT&T/T-Mobile merger now off the table for good, the wireless industry is being forced to reassess its priorities, such as the implementation and development of LTE and 4G networks in the coming year.
On a somewhat related note, another popular article was Monica Paolini’s report, “The future of Wi-Fi in the enterprise,” which looks at the rapidly evolving capacity and performance of Wi-Fi networks and their increasing ubiquity across multiple industries. Switching gears, another of this week’s most popular articles was Stowe Boyd’s research note, “Working out loud: how work media and social cognition are altering business,” which focuses on how work media tools, such as Yammer, are changing social interactions in the workplace.
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