Apple fined by Italian authorities over AppleCare policies

Apple(s AAPL) has run afoul of Italian authorities for providing misleading information about consumers’ rights in the country when it comes to product warranties, and on Tuesday ,the country’s Antitrust Authority announced it had placed a fine of €900,000 euros ($1.18 million USD) on the iPhone maker.

The BBC reports that in Italy consumers are guaranteed two years of warranty protection for all purchased products, but Apple had guaranteed only one year of warranty support — equal to what it offers here in the U.S. and in other countries. Instead of recognizing the second year of free warranty support, Apple was reportedly telling Italian customers to purchase AppleCare to cover any warranty claims after the first year.

The Antitrust Authority said Apple was misleading Italian consumers about what their rights were, which would “induce consumers to sign an additional contract.” As a result, Apple was fined €400,000 for not explaining the two-year warranty guarantee to consumers at the time of the sale or on its website, and the additional €500,000 fine was levied for offering AppleCare without a complete explanation of consumers’ rights. Apple has also been given 90 days to update its Italian website with information about the two-year guarantee.