Apple iOS holiday activations reach lofty heights

Apple’s iOS (s aapl) devices were popular gifts during the holiday weekend, as you might expect. According to a new Localytics study, there were 12.5 times more devices accessing games and apps using the Localytics platform than during previous weekends, in fact. It was enough growth to beat out Android’s(s goog) worldwide gains, but not by much.

Regional differences in some areas showed strong discrepancies between the growth rate of the two platforms. In Germany and the U.S., for instance, iOS far outstripped Android’s growth, with around 15 or 16 times the average new device activations, vs about 11 to 12 times for Android hardware. The iPad and the iPod seem to make the difference; in countries where iOS beat Android, there were many more of both devices activated. In the U.S., Localytics saw 21 times more iPod touches activated than usual, vs 14 times more iPhones, for example.

Android did very well in Asia and parts of Europe, while Apple dominated in key markets like the U.S., the U.K. and Germany. Of the top 20 countries in terms of mobile device popularity, Google’s mobile platform grew more quickly in 14; still, Apple pulled ahead overall, since Android grew approximately 12 times faster than usual v. Apple’s 12.5 times improvement.

Localytics compiled the data using information from its mobile analytics platform, which is in use on more than 200 million devices worldwide via its development partners.