NewTeeVee’s top 11 posts of 2011

It’s that time of the year again: time to look back and value your accomplishments. That’s why we decided to take a look at our 11 most popular posts of 2011. So without much further ado, here are our most popular posts of the year, complete with a few words on why they became so big:

  1. 10 tools to get the most out of Netflix. Netflix (s NFLX) may have stumbled a bit this summer, but make no mistake; it’s still very, very popular.
  2. Five reasons why you should buy the $99 Google TV. Logitech (s logi) was another company with an apparent stumble that turned out to be really popular. It may have bitten off more than it could swallow with the Logitech Revue, but the device proved to be really popular once the price dropped below $100.
  3. Royal wedding breaks records not the Internet. Millions watched William and Kate exchange vows online, but the Internet held up just fine.
  4. The technology behind Google Hangouts. I said it before ,and I’ll say it again: Hangouts are the Google+ killer feature.
  5. Google forces Roku to take down its YouTube channel. (s goog) Or, why one of the most popular streaming devices doesn’t have access to the most popular video website.
  6. AT&T’s new bandwidth cap is bad news for Netflix. 250 GB sounds a lot — until you do the math.
  7. 3 wireless ways to connect your laptop to your TV. Wireless streaming is the next big living room challenge.
  8. Where to watch the Tour de France 2011 online. Here’s a lesson for sports broadcasters: Offer your feed a la carte, and people will watch — and pay.
  9. Vtok brings Google Video Chat to the iPhone. Google Talk video chat on iOS seems to be something many people have waited for.
  10. Why 193,000 people stopped paying for TV last quarter. Did cable reach its tipping point in 2011?
  11. The Guild‘s a go for Season 5 on Xbox. We love Felicia Day!