Amazon staffs up for new digital media service effort

Amazon (s AMZN) is staffing up a new digital media services push.
Amazon Web Services is in the market for senior development managers and senior developers to staff up a “brand new team,” although their work will grow out of an existing AWS digital media offering, according to a job listing posted Wednesday and tweeted out by Jeff Barr, the company’s web services evangelist.
The delivery of digital media has become an ever-hotter battleground as more users demand that their music, video, photos etc. be delivered not only to their PCs, but their TVs and mobile devices of choice. Clearly, tech giants Apple(s aapl), Google (s goog), Microsoft (s msft)  and Amazon see this an increasingly  high-stakes game and are duking it out accordingly. When word leaked last April that Amazon was working on a music streaming service, GigaOM Pro analyst Michael Wolf dubbed Amazon the “alpha dog” of new digital media.
Customers including the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), Hungama Digital Entertainment and social gaming site Playfish already use AWS to store and deliver media content, according to the AWS web site. PBS Interactive, for example, uses Amazon CloudFront content delivery service and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
There is little detail about what this new service will deliver. According to the job post:

The developers on this team will drive the architecture and the technology choices. They’ll need to have a broad knowledge of emerging technologies and will know the ins and outs of Java, C or C++, and Linux or Windows. They will also have significant experience with networking, multi-threaded applications, interprocess communication, and the architecture of fault-tolerant systems.

As Amazon and its competitors staff up for digital media, the stakes will only get higher. Microsoft is making a concerted effort to bring more digital content purveyors to its Windows Azure platform as a service. Google owns YouTube, which accounts for a huge percentage of online video delivered to consumers, and then there is Apple, which has stolen the lead in content delivery with iTunes and its hugely popular iPad franchise.