Updated: Exclusive: AP Branches Out, Adds Pulse To Its Digital Mix

Over the years, the Associated Press has made a profile for itself by syndicating its news across thousands of newspapers both in the U.S. and abroad. Now as newspaper readers move to new platforms like tablets to consume their news content, the AP wants to make sure it is syndicating there, too. Today it is announcing a deal with one of the bigger tablet news-reading apps, Pulse, to run AP text, video and photographic coverage via Pulse. It will be the first time the AP will appear within the service.
From today, AP will appear as a featured content provider on Pulse’s service, which currently works on the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Included in the service will be AP’s mainstay text-based reporting, but also photography and video content, and users will have the option of selecting all or just specific streams of AP content, such as news, business, entertainment, health, politics and sports.
Pulse tells me that this “one of the first times that AP has opened all their content to a partner (and they have very few mobile partners).” It complements AP’s own efforts to create tablet and smartphone apps for its content such as this one for the iPad.
Update: A spokesperson for AP tells me that, in fact, AP is “providing Pulse a selection of international and national news and associated images. It is a portion of AP’s total content.” So perhaps not all content after all.
Crucially, one of Pulse’s biggest competitors in the newsreading-app space, Flipboard, is featuring only a subset of the AP’s coverage. Coincidentally, Flipboard announced its own AP deal only two days ago: a special focus on the next Presidential race to the White House.
Given that AP does not have a web site that anchors and aggregates all of its content for public consumption, initiatives like this one with Pulse become all the more useful, if a little quirky: Articles that get viewed and saved in Pulse subsequently show up on Pulse web pages — normally, content viewed in the Pulse app would link to the content from the original online source.
Apropos of the Iowa Republican Caucus this week, and in keeping with its Flipboard content campaign, the AP will also be offering a special channel covering November election. Included will be real-time coverage of candidates, polls, voting results and analysis from AP journalists and its partners.
Pulse and AP are not disclosing any financial terms for this deal.