Strictly Dance Costumes Cost Girls £5.95 A Month On Stardoll

BBC Worldwide is exploiting the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing With The Stars) through a premium partnership with Stardoll, the virtual doll dress-up site for kids.

  • Stardoll users can adorn their rooms with free items from the show when they join an on-site club. New items are unlocked for every 20,000 members who join individual levels, up to 100,000.
  • For an additional £5.95 monthly “Strictly Pass” subscription, they can add dresses, shoes and props inspired by the show to their “medolls”.

The Strictly Pass earns subscribers a calendar which, each day, gives out items seem on Strictly. “The idea is that, eventually, what is seen on the programme when it is live will also be seen on Stardoll simultaneously,” a Stardoll spokesperson told paidContent.
BBC Worldwide and Stardoll have done a revenue-sharing arrangement for the deal.
The partnership will launch in the UK. Later, Stardoll will adopt it for other territories. Dancing With The Stars, the international title for the show format, is sold to over 35 countries and shown in 75.