Games for the weekend: Super Stickman Golf

Games for the Weekend is a weekly feature aimed at helping you avoid doing something constructive with your downtime. Each Friday we’ll be recommending a game for Mac, iPhone or iPad that we think is awesome enough to keep you busy until Monday, at least.
Super Stickman GolfSuper Stickman Golf ($0.99 Universal) is a sports game that plays more like a platformer. As in other golf games, you use your club to hit a tiny little golf ball into a hole that is so far away you need a flag in order to see where it is located.  The big difference here is that each golf course is designed more like a level from a Mario game than something you’d see on the PGA tour.
Super Stickman GolfThe scoring system is familiar as well, since it works just like golf. Get the golf ball into the hole in less than par for the entire course, and you’re awarded by unlocking various power ups and additional courses. If you do either get a little impatient or come up against a frustrating level that you can’t get past, you can always go to the Pro Shop and purchase unlocks for all courses and power ups. What you can’t buy are all of the seemingly impossible Game Center achievements, like scoring less than zero on a given hole.
Super Stickman GolfYou only have one club, but you choose the angle and direction you want to hit the ball in, and then choose the power applied to the stroke. Power-ups earn you special golf balls. For example, with the super ball you can make those extra long shots, and with air brakes you can stop a flying shot mid-air and have it drop straight down onto the green.  Without learning when and how to use the power ups you earn, even attempting to achieve par on some courses would be impossible.
Super Stickman GolfIn multiplayer mode you can challenge your Game Center friends, or play against someone on the local network or over Bluetooth. You can either start a new foursome or choose to join one that already exists. As the host, you can accept or reject players that want to join your foursome. Another perk of hosting is that your choose which course to play.  Each player can play through at their own pace, and the game will keep score for you.
Super Stickman GolfWith over two hundred unique holes to play, Noodlecake Studios has committed to keeping the game fresh by investing in new content. That should help ensure the game stays fresh in the longer term.