One Laptop Per Child project looks to off-grid clean power

The latest iteration of the One Laptop per Child project was unveiled at CES this week, and it’s fully focused on ways to integrate with off-grid clean power, both solar and human power. Many of the kids that could be using the laptop, which has now morphed into a simple tablet, won’t have access to grid power.
The OLPC XO-3 has an optional 4-watt solar cover (photo above) combined with a battery, so when the case is placed in the sun for 2 hours, it can provide 4 hours of computing time. There are 4 screws placed on the outside of the tablet, and along with providing a way to open the tablet to make repairs, the screws act as electrical connections with the battery.
There’s also an optional hand crank customers can buy that can charge the tablet with human power. I remember the original OLPC project was working on a hand crank, but it didn’t end up using one back then. The tablet was designed by Yves Behar’s Fuse Project. See the video below for an interesting demo and interview with the OLPC XO-3: