The weekend review: trend watch 2012

David Card’s research note “NewNet 2012: companies and technologies set to disrupt” kicked off the new year as this week’s most popular article. Card clarifies our NewNet topic area, which focuses on social media, real-time information feeds, and API-based platforms and business ecosystems, and he gives us a cheat sheet on which companies and trends to watch over the next 12 months. The big three — Twitter, Google and Facebook — are all on the list, but Card notes that the growing importance of collaboration and enterprise tools have the potential to disrupt the market in new and unexpected ways.
In a similar vein, Jo Maitland’s “Cloud computing 2012: a pessimist’s guide” also looks ahead to what the coming year holds in store, especially for cloud computing startups taking on the enterprise IT space. And last, “What Amazon’s new Kindle line means for Apple, Netflix and online media,” a research note published after the Kindle Fire was announced last September, received a boost — perhaps from readers playing with their newest holiday gifts.
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