Today in Cleantech

I’ve written previously about how I think the future of the smartgrid is about software, not hardware, and this morning we learned of another smartgrid software provider, Ecologic Analytics, getting snapped up. This time it was meter maker Landis+Gyr buying Eoclogic. Last month it was Siemens buying eMeter. As global smartmeter penetration picks up, there’ll be a large market for managing the enormous amount of data that meter readings taken every 15 minutes will produce. Siemens has remained out of the hardware game, just focusing on building up its services and software offerings, whereas Landis+Gyr is an actual smartmeter manufacturer that can now offer customers both options. It’ll be interesting to see if the smartgrid market echoes what’s happening in the PC market, where many companies, like HP, are deciding that margins on hardware just aren’t worth the trouble, especially when there’s all that data to analyze.