CES Video: Samsung Galaxy Note; Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE

In between appointments at the Consumer Electronics Show I spent ten minutes getting my hands dirty with two of Samsung’s newest devices. The 5.3-inch Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE grabbed my attention so after a few minutes of using both, I took a few short video clips amongst the crowd.
As someone who uses a 7-inch tablet and 4.65-inch phone daily, you’d think I would like the Galaxy Note for AT&T(s t); it’s almost a perfect compromise between the two devices. In general, I do like what I see: a brilliant, large display powered by a peppy processor. But the note-taking ability isn’t optimal for me.
It’s an ergonomic challenge as I would hit the Android(s goog) software buttons under the display from time to time. Perhaps with more time or a review unit, I’ll feel differently.
There isn’t much not to like about the Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE for Verizon (s vz) on the other hand. It’s fast, very thin and light for its size and the screen is superb. If I had to pick a bone with it, I’d say it’s with Honeycomb(s goog). Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface hides some of Honeycomb’s warts, but this Tab would be better suited with Android 4.0 in my opinion.