Cit-J Wire Demotix Adds Advertising, Giving 80 Percent To Contributors

Demotix, the user journalism and photography upload service that is part-owned by Corbis, is adding an incremental new revenue stream.
The site has added web advertising, and says it will give 80 percent of the revenue to its top 100 highest-page viewed contributors.
Demotix‘s main model is to ingest submitted journalism material, syndicate it to professional media and share proceeds with the contributor.
Now it says it gets 1.3 million monthly page views from 400,000 unique visitors. “We’ve reached a point where is getting enough traffic to justify our adding advertising to the site,” CEO Turi Munthe writes.
“Since we’re a UGC site, we had to think about what to do with that revenue. It’s the hard work of our reporters as much as our work maintaining the website that generates the money. So off it goes back to the source: our contributors.”
Corbis invested in the London-based service in August 2011.