When 3D printing meets iPod nano

Let’s just face it: From Darrell to me, we are just watch nerds here. We love to dress up our wrists with cool watches, smart watches and of course, the best of them all, iPod nano(s AAPL) watches. And that is why we are constantly writing about iPod nano straps — you know, Tik Tok and iWatchz Q. Anyway here is another one from Ireland-based Curve Creative. It is called Nanolet.
So what’s cool about this? For starters, it is minimalist, and if you know me, I am all about minimalism. (Don’t believe me? Check out my personal blog.) It is a 3D printed product, and we are all big fans of 3D printing around here. As a result, the $22 strap wraps around the wrist. They warn that is good for medium wrists — well, that rules it out for me. For now.