When it comes to smart grid, Cisco’s thinking big picture

Networking giant Cisco (s CSCO) held a press event on Tuesday morning showing off a couple of new products for its smart grid initiative, but mostly emphasizing an overall design and architecture for how Cisco sees the entire smart grid network for its potential utility customers.
The event was heavy on jargon, and lite on news, but the emphasis on how Cisco will be selling its smart grid products as an end-to-end package could be compelling to the cautious and slow-moving utility folks.
I thought it might be helpful if I just embedded a bunch of the slides with some commentary so here goes:
The new things Cisco announced are the overall reference architecture (how Cisco sees an end-to-end smart grid network being built) as well as a broader product around its grid routers that can be used to connect devices on the grid with all types of wireless networks including cellular, WiMAX, and RF mesh.
And the entire reference architecture. If you look deep into the 11 tiers you can see a bear on a bicycle (did anyone else hate those Magic Eye things?)
If you were wondering if having 11 tiers made things more confusing — Cisco explains the benefits.
Some of the actual devices and products being sold.
Dashboards and software that help grid operators manage connected grid devices.