SOPA website gallery: The day the Internet went dark

Wired censored all of the copy on its home page.

Numerous websites, including heavyweights like Google, (s GOOG) Wikipedia and Craigslist, were blacked out on Wednesday to take part in the protest against SOPA and PIPA. The blackout protest not only¬†was an impressive show of force but also seemed to succeed in making millions of people who don’t usually follow every single piece of tech news aware of the bills.
Equally impressive was that so many different sites joined in on the protest, ranging from tech news sites like Wired to the usually much less serious Cheezburger network to even Greenpeace’s online presence. And the protest seemed to spark lots of creativity, with people exploring many different visual ways to take a stance against SOPA and PIPA. Check out our gallery below to see who blacked out their site and how they did it: