Android by the numbers: 11B downloads, 250M devices

Google(s goog) announced quarterly and 2011 fiscal year earnings on Thursday, hitting its first $10 billion revenue quarter. Although most the conference call focused on financial numbers, Google CEO, Larry Page shared a few data points about Google’s Android initiative. Some are figures that I’d heard over the past few weeks, so there aren’t any major surprises here. Perhaps Android growth is indeed slowing as some recent analysis has pointed out.
Here are the high points from Page’s commentary:

  • 700,000 Android phones are activated each day (Note that Page specifically said phones; tablets were not mentioned)
  • There are 250 million Android devices sold now, which is up by 50 million since the last quarter
  • 3.7 million Android devices were ¬†activated over last year’s two-day holiday weekend
  • There have now been 11 billion downloads from Android Market

Page closed out with a nod to Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 4.0, saying “It’s our best version yet and I love my Galaxy Nexus with 720p display.” I’m in agreement with Page on that, as the Galaxy Nexus is my daily phone. Unfortunately, Google didn’t break out any specific financial data for its Android efforts, so it’s not clear how much value the platform contributes to the company’s bottom line.