Rewind: This week’s 11 must read stories

What a week! Web took to activism and pushed back SOPA & PIPA; Apple released its new iBooks authoring tool, iBooks2 and a new iTunes University; Facebook announced that 60 odd apps are using its personalization technology; Yahoo lost its chief Yahoo, Jerry Yang, who resigned from the company; Kodak filed for bankruptcy;Twitter bought Summify and of course, the story of the week — MegaUpload got busted. With the week wrapped up, here are some of the posts from our team that I highly recommend you give a read.
Ryan Lawler: Why you will buy a new TV in next 5 years
Kevin Tofel: Uh-oh, PC: half of computing device sales are mobile.
Mathew Ingram: Do we want textbooks to live in Apple’s walled garden?
Derrick Harris: SOPA is just a start. Five more pressing tech questions facing the Congress
Stacey Higginbotham: Web blackouts – is this the new face of American activism?
Katie Fehrenbacher: How a “missed call” in India can control a farm’s water use.
Janko Roettgers: Inside the MegaUpload empire.
Jessica Stillman Groupthink is not an argument against co-working.
Erica ogg: We need to rethink what textbooks mean in the future.
Colleen Taylor: 4 startups that are taking the web from geek to chic.
Plus a bonus post: If you are a member of our subscription-only research service, check out this flash note from Jo Maitland: How Amazon’s DyanmoDB is rattling the data and cloud markets. If you are not, don’t worry and check out Derrick Harris asks the question: Should other startups be worried?