Analysts: Nokia Shipped Around 1.3 Million Lumias In Two Months

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) may have shipped more than 1 million of its Lumia Windows Phone devices in the two months since they went on sale in Europe, according to analyst estimates. It’s preliminary, but it could be a sign that Nokia’s bet on Windows Phone is paying dividends.
Bloomberg surveyed 22 financial analysts who follow the company and determined that the average projection for Lumia shipments was 1.3 million units, which is a pretty good total in just the two months the device was on sale and before it made its debut in the U.S. The usual caveat about looking at device totals in terms of “shipments” rather than “sales” certainly applies, as Bloomberg’s analysis doesn’t take into account whether or not wireless carriers and retail outlets ordered a lot of devices from Nokia only to be stuck with excess inventory.
But it does show that at least in Europe, Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 models carried enough of a buzz to make retailers want to stock them during the holiday season. Nokia reports earnings later this week and might have official details to share about shipment totals, but is unlikely to share sell-through data for such a new product this early in the game, in keeping with the practices of many mobile industry companies.