Soundcloud turns Instagram pics into retro slide shows

On Monday Soundcloud released, which allows users to create narrated, retro-looking slide shows with their Instagram pictures. Alexander Ljung, the co-founder and CEO of the Berlin-based startup, said the company is releasing the mashup of the two services to celebrate an important milestone: Soundcloud now has ten million registered users. Ljung and his co-founder, Eric Wahlforss, recorded a first Story Wheel about how the company got to this point, which you can see here. allows Instagram users to import their favorite photos and then simply record an audio narrative via Flash in their browser while clicking through their slides. The mashup is the newest product out of Soundcloud Labs, and it was produced by two Soundcloud employees at a hackathon last year. Ljung told me via telephone that the company may add support for other image hosters down the line.
Soundcloud also just passed another milestone. More than 10,000 developers now use the company’s API  to come up with all kinds of apps, ranging from Storify integration to apps that are supposed to record paranormal activity, Ljung said.
The company recently extended its partnership with Facebook, adding actions to users’ timelines. “What we have seen so far has been really encouraging,” Ljung told me about Soundcloud’s Facebook integration. He added that Soundcloud’s user growth had already been accelerating even before Facebook’s f8 conference and that the company is expecting one million sign-ups in January alone.
Soundcloud recently raised $50 million in new funding and has been one of our GigaOM Euro 20: European startups to watch. Check out Ljung talking to Om about Soundcloud and its plans for the future in this recent interview below: