Facebook starts converting all profiles to Timeline

Screenshot of Timeline (click to enlarge)

Facebook will soon convert all users’ profiles to the new Timeline interface. The wide scale roll-out of Timeline will occur “over the next few weeks,” Facebook said in a blog post published Tuesday.
Thus far the interface, which shows each user’s life over an expandable Timeline that dates all the way back to his or her birth, has been purely opt-in. But very soon, it will be the only design available to all Facebook users.
When users get Timeline, they will have seven days to adjust what it looks like before it will be made viewable to others.
This move has been expected since Timeline was announced back in Sept. 2011 at Facebook’s f8 developer conference. At that time, Facebook product VP Christopher Cox told me in an interview that while some users may not be enthusiastic about the new look, “eventually we will have to move those people over” to the Timeline design. Thus far the general reception of Timeline has been positive, but it will be interesting over the next few weeks to see how people who haven’t opted in to the interface react to the change.