HP Releases First Piece Of WebOS Under Open-Source License

HP (NYSE: HPQ) has formally set WebOS on its open-source path, releasing a key piece of the operating system technology under an open-source license Wednesday. Enyo winds down HP’s failed experiment with mobile computing and is the beginning of the end of Palm’s contribution to the mobile market.
Enyo, the Javascript-based application framework that WebOS developers used to build their applications, is now available for anyone to examine and modify under the terms of the Apache 2.0 open-source license. HP released an upgraded version of Enyo–which was previously used just for WebOS–that will let developers build Web applications for any browser.
HP said it hopes to release WebOS in its entirety by September. No one is quite sure how much interest there will be in WebOS as an open-source platform, but at least HP will allow some compelling technology developed by the former Palm that never quite found a market to see the light of day.