Today in Connected Consumer

Fresh off its victory over SOPA and PIPA, the technology world is facing a new regulatory battle, this time over privacy. And in this case, the black hats and white hats aren’t as neatly sorted. A hero of the anti-SOPA movement, for instance, Google is facing harsh criticism from some in the tech community over its new privacy policy. Some erstwhile allies on Capitol Hill, like Rep. Ed Markey, a¬†Massachusetts¬†generally a supporter of Internet openness, is now calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether Google’s new policy violates the agreement it made with the agency regarding Google Buzz. SOPA supporters on the Hill, meanwhile, like Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, may now see a chance to have their revenge on Google for opposing SOPA by making life difficult for the company over privacy. Unlike the battle over SOPA, the controversy around data privacy regulations will not be quick, and is unlikely to produce clear winners and losers.