The weekend review: Amazon shakes up big data, Samsung shakes up mobile OS

Last week Amazon dropped big news about DynamoDB, its NoSQL database server, which provides tools to implement the complex NoSQL infrastructure to developers and small companies that previously lacked the resources or expertise to do so. Jo Maitland’s latest research note, “How Amazon’s DynamoDB is rattling the big data and cloud markets,” provides a closer analysis of this disruptive news and its implications in the big data and cloud computing markets. Jo also speculates about how DynamoDB might affect today’s big players in the cloud market, such as Rackspace and Microsoft.
Another recent shake up was Samsung’s announcement of Tizen, the company’s new mobile operating system that is the first Linux-based system to present a viable competitor to Android. Colin Gibbs takes a closer look at Tizen (and Samsung’s existing bada platform) in “Why Samsung and Tizen could take on Apple and Google.” And last, Katie Fehrenbacher weighs in on the connected home and the latest devices (such as the Nest) and investments from utility companies, service providers and startups in her latest long view, “Let the battle for the smart thermostat begin.”
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