SocialFolders plugs into Evernote to be your social media diary

Screenshot of SocialFolders' web app (click to enlarge)

With all the time we’re spending on social media sites, it makes sense that people are starting to get more serious about being able to preserve their activity there in a way that’s easier to look back on for posterity. An app called SocialFolders is aiming to help with that.
SocialFolders, a freemium application that launched last month to let you store and manage any file created on the social web on your own computer, rolled out an integration with Evernote on Tuesday that lets users drag and drop content such as tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram photos into their Evernote accounts.
SocialFolders is calling the Evernote integration a “social memory service” to help you remember all the little social media interactions that have become an increasingly big part of our day-to-day lives. Evernote is a very popular app for helping people keep track of their schedules and thoughts, so this third-party app is a nice added feature to its core service.
Even though social media is thought of as a fun pastime, it has almost completely supplanted physical, more easily archived communication methods such as letters and diaries — our activity on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram really is reflective of what’s going on in our minds every day. It’s nice to see services such as Facebook Timeline, Path 2, and now SocialFolders that recognize how important those things are and help us own and remember them for the longer term.