Mashable CEO Beats Oprah In Influence — At Least On Reuters’ New Site

In a new business-oriented social media site, Reuters (NYSE: TRI) aims to index “the most talked-about news, companies and influencers across the Web.” A better definition might be “what people are doing on Twitter.”
The “Reuters and Klout 50” ranks CEOs by Klout score, but mostly by who is most active on Twitter. The rules: “To make the list the user has to be a CEO, active on Twitter, tweeting in English, and have their own handle separate from their company’s (sorry @zappos).” The top three “most influential execs on the web” are Mashable’s Pete Cashmore (with a Klout score of 89), Oprah Winfrey (81), and Rupert Murdoch (80). Others in the top 10 include Square CEO Jack Dorsey and Carnival CEO Micky Arison.
At the top of the page is “The Hit List,” links to stories “being talked about by the newsmakers we follow.” “The more a story is shared on Twitter by these influencers the more likely it is to appear here,” the site explains.
“The Conversation” curates journalist tweets — and is supposed to “track social-media spats and chats between two Twitter parties,” though the storyline at this point is hard to follow — and “Reuters Bloggers & Reporters” features Reuters journalist tweets.
Overall, the site’s reliance on Twitter as penultimate social gauge seems somewhat limiting, with other sources — stories read and shared across Facebook, for instance, as well as stories trending on blogs and other news sites — not included. (You can see the stories shared on Facebook by your friends but not more broadly in the “business community” this site is aimed at.) “It’s not simply about how customers view a particular company, but how everyone engaged in the social realm views that company,” said Reuters’ director of news product Alex Leo in a statement. Or at least how much they tweet about it.