The weekend review: the future of Hadoop and the digital music industry

January’s fourth-quarter wrap-ups continue to pique the interest of GigaOM Pro readers. Especially popular this week was Derek Harris’ “Infrastructure Q4: Big data gets bigger and SaaS startups shine,” which recaps events and announcements in cloud computing and big data, and especially the hype (and shortcomings) around Hadoop. And recent acquisitions by Oracle and SAP, new competitors for Amazon Web Services and a flurry of activity from smaller SaaS startups have set the stage for disruptions in big data and cloud computing in 2012. Harris provides a primer on what companies and technologies to watch.
Also popular was David Card’s recent forecast, “The evolution of the digital music industry.” Taking a hard look at the much-troubled music industry, Card predicts a future marketplace where subscription services and on-demand personalized streaming radio provide the revenue, thanks to companies like Spotify, Rhapsody, MOG and others. Which services and technologies will succeed in the next five years? Read the analysis to find out.
Finally, “There is more to Node.js than buzz” recaps Research Director Jo Maitland’s visit to the Node Summit in San Francisco last week.
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