Need a free day counter? Try D-Day for iOS

Calendar applications are great, but sometimes you need to track how many days until an upcoming event. Or in some cases, you might want to track how many consecutive days you’ve been doing something; handy for monitoring health and other activities. D-Day, found in the iTunes app store, is a free iOS(s aapl) program that manages both scenarios, making it a must-have app on my iPhone.
The software is pretty simple; you just enter a date on one of the three tabs to track days left, days past, or days until someone’s birthday. You can easily customize the title of what you’re tracking and the events can be added to your native calendar app or be set to repeat.
My main purpose for finding and using D-Day is my running streak, which I began on January 1, 2011. Today, for example, is my 400th consecutive day of running at least a mile. I need the daily counter that D-Day provides me for my running log. For additional fun, I keep track of my age in days. The app tells me that today I woke up for the 15,524th day. My kids swear I don’t look a day over 15,000, so the running must be helping.
Although my primary purpose for D-Day is my running streak, I’ve found it can be useful for so much more. People who stopped smoking and want to keep track of how long since that last light-up can use D-Day. Maybe you want to track how long it’s been since a quiet date with your significant other. (Trust me mobile younglings, this becomes important as date-night frequency drops off once you’ve been alive for that first 10,000 days!) Or perhaps you have a goal to lose 10 pounds in 100 days; D-Day can be your iOS countdown buddy for that or an upcoming project.
The free version of D-Day is ad-supported and there’s an in-app purchase option to go Pro for $0.99. The lite version is working just fine for me as I’ve used it daily for the last 400 days.