Video: Chrome for Android is faster and feature full

Google finally merged its Chrome browser with the Android mobile operating system today and I’m thrilled to see it. Not only is the new Chrome beta about 15 percent faster than the stock Android(s goog) browser, it brings a cleaner interface that makes it easier to browse. And if you’re a Chrome user on the desktop, Chrome for Android can open whatever web page you’re browsing on the PC.
In this short video overview, you can get a sense for the new browser. I’ve already made it the default browser on my Galaxy Nexus because it renders text much better and also because of the web page syncronization feature. Note that Chrome for Android is in beta for Android 4.0 devices only; this won’t work on smartphones or tablets without Ice Cream Sandwich.
Note: In the video I said that the Galaxy Nexus stock browser has benchmarked faster. That was an inadvertent mistake as I confused the Nexus results with my Galaxy Tab 7.7 here.