Google Drive already referenced in Google Docs code

Updated. Google (s GOOG) is close to rolling out its cloud storage product, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, which stated that the offering is “expected to launch in the coming weeks or months.” The actual launch could happen rather sooner than later, judging from some references to the product that have shown up in the HTML code of Google Docs.

The code, which can be viewed with any browser, shows a button labeled “Add to My Drive,” but the button itself is currently not visible to end users within Google Docs. Notable about this is the capitalization of “My Drive” — The Journal reported that the product will simply be branded as Drive, but this suggests that at least the personal storage component of it may actually be called My Drive.

It’s unclear when exactly Google added the button to the Google Docs code. A quick Google search revealed that the Spanish Tecno-Net blog stumbled across the code snippet as well some time last month.

Update: Traces of the product apparently popped up in Google Docs as early as last September, as one commenter pointed out below. Also, take a look at some of the rather interesting things reader Brian Ussery has unearthed.

Image courtesy (CC-BY-SA) of Flickr user Sebastian Fuss.