FT Stakes Claim To 2.2 Million Daily Audience

The Financial Times now reaches 2.2m people across the world on a daily basis, according to the latest Average Daily Global Audience (ADGA) figures.

Before I continue, a health warning: ADGA is a metric devised by the FT’s own research department in 2009. They are independently verified by PricewaterhouseCoopers rather than the industry’s main auditor, ABC.

The ADGA statistics reveal that the number of people accessing the FT’s online site every day has surpassed 900,000, showing a 36% year-on-year increase.

The paper has also seen a sharp rise in mobile users, with increases of 66% on smart phones and 71% on tablets over the last six months.

The number of people who read FT content on two or more platforms every day has risen to over 300,000, or 14% of the total audience.

To achieve its results, ADGA uses a combination of sources including syndicated national and regional readership surveys, unique user and browser data, FT proprietary research based on large samples of the reader base as well as ABC (NYSE: DIS) circulation figures.

The number is divided into channels as well as regions. Duplicated consumption is removed to produce one global net audience figure.

Anita Hague, the FT’s global research director, said: “FT readers are comfortably moving between platforms to access our content… this means that advertisers who run a cross-channel campaign are maximising their reach.”

Source: FT

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.