Today in Cleantech

From yesterday’s coverage of the unveiling of Tesla’s all electric SUV/minivan hybrid, it’s clear that the reporters at the company’s LA design studio were pleased with what they saw. I’m personally less interested in the Delorean doors or the fact that the car is the first electric vehicle for soccer moms (I actually believe it being all electric hurts it in that market). What grabs me about the car is that it appears to have excellent trunk space owing to the fact that the electric motor takes up much less space than an internal combustion engine. It’s also extremely fast and handles like a sports car. 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, just like the Model S sedan it’s based on. These two traits differentiate it from any other SUV or minivan out there, even the Porsche Cayenne. A lot has been made of the fact that the Prius was environmentally friendly, but when you’re selling 400,000 units a year, most of your buyers are not environmentalists. In fact, when I ask Prius owners what they like, they almost all say that the seats go down which makes it awesome for road trips, and well, it’s just a really well designed car. We’ll have to wait for better EV charging infrastructure before the Model X sees any road trips.