For Apple, the Lion roars: Some stats you might like

Apple (s AAPL) on Thursday released a developer edition of Mountain Lion, the next upgrade of it’s operating system that will go on sale sometime in summer this year. As part of the news, the company shared some metrics about OS X Lion (version 10.7). For instance, the operating system that was released in July 2011 has so far shipped 19 million copies.

According to Apple, about 20 30 percent of Mac users are currently using Lion, while 50 percent of Mac owners are using Snow Leopard. The brisk sales of Mac machines over past two quarters — 10.1 million in the past two quarters — has helped the penetration of OSX Lion.

The company also touted its Mac App Store as a success and added that more than a 100 million apps have been downloaded from the store. OS X Lion was the biggest test for digital downloads and the company had pushed hard to make Lion downloadable from its app store. It sold a million copies of the software within a week of the release of the OS.

Apple has seen a nice bump in sales for its own software — iLife, iWork, FinalCut Pro and others — as a result of the growing popularity of the app store. Nearly 25 percent of the apps in the Mac App Store are games, indicating that Mac is becoming a major force in desktop gaming as well. With the upcoming version — Mountain Lion — which supports cross-platform gaming via GameCenter, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mac and its hardware brethren start to get more attention from the game development community.

For more information on Mountain Lion, read Erica Ogg’s news report on OS X Mountain Lion.

Updated: I had incorrectly mentioned that Lion OS-X share was 20 percent when in reality it is 30 percent as per Apple. The error is deeply regretted.