The weekend review: Tesla X, Honeywell vs Nest, and collaboration in the workplace

It’s been a big month for the cleantech industry. First, Honeywell filed a lawsuit against startup Nest Labs around the latter’s smart thermostat — a move that could potentially stifle innovation in the space. GigaOM surveyed nearly 200 readers for their thoughts on the lawsuit and Ucilia Wang’s recent flash analysis breaks down and analyzes the results.

On a more upbeat note, Tesla Motors unveiled its Model X SUV-minivan to great fanfare on February 9. Katie Fehrenbacher covered the event over at GigaOM. Her follow-up research note, “Why Tesla’s Model X could make the electric SUV a mainstream hit,” examines how the vehicle could change the electric vehicle market by shifting the public’s perception of EVs and give them a more mass appeal.

Finally, moving over to the Enterprise 2.0 space, the continued evolution of collaborative business tools continues to resonate with GigaOM Pro readers: Thomas Vander Wal and David Card’s report, “Practical business content collaboration: Personal tools show the way,” takes a look at how personal collaboration tools are gaining popularity at an enterprise scale.

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