Google Gets More Live Stock Data To Compete With Rivals

Google (NSDQ: GOOG), whose own finance website trails rivals’, has signed a commercial deal to get real-time stock price data from London Stock Exchange Group.

Licensing this level-one data means Google Finance prices are 15 minutes fresher than Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Finance.

Google also last month said it was adding Deutsche Börse real-time data. Previously, Google Finance prices were also delayed by 15 minutes. The new deal has been in place for a month and was announced by the LSE on Tuesday. But it still lacks detailed trade information.

“It is not an exclusive agreement and so other providers could also receive the data,” a London Stock Exchange spokesperson tells paidContent. “We already have an agreement with CNBC (NSDQ: CMCSA) but other internet search engines mainly take a licence to receive 15-minute delayed data.”

Google Finance launched in 2006, introduced real-time pricing in 2008 for the the NYSE and Nasdaq in 2008 and has added those for Chinese and Indian markets.

But it ranks outside comScore’s top 10 business/finance websites on just 2.5 million worldwide January unique visitors – almost 30 times less than Yahoo Finance’s category-leading 72.3 million.

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Rivals host more information, though Google last year added links to much off-site material.

Reuters: “The deal is the first of its kind for the London Stock Exchange, and is not exclusive, meaning that it could reach similar agreements with Google rivals.

“The LSE’s data business is its fastest-growing unit. Its revenues rose 24 percent to 52.8 million pounds ($83.8 million) last quarter, accounting for 27 percent of group revenue.”