We’re hiring a media/advertising reporter

News reporter or journalist at a typewriter with clock on wallWe’re looking for a smart, aggressive reporter to cover digital media and advertising for paidContent and GigaOM. Both media and advertising are going through huge transformations, and it’s hard to imagine a more interesting time to be writing about those industries. You’ve got big, powerful legacy companies and fast-growing disruption-minded startups, cool technologies and brand-new business models, bruising legal battles and rock star data scientists—and a whole lot more.

We need someone who is at heart a business reporter, and who wants to figure out what’s working and what isn’t as the rules of the media and advertising get rewritten in the digital era. If you don’t have much interest in paywalls and unique visitors, or pre-roll advertising and real-time bidding ad exchanges—this probably isn’t the job for you. The best candidates will be fast on their feet and creative—able to blast out a piece of news quickly but equally capable of conceiving of and reporting out an original analysis piece. See the job description here, and send us a note if you’d like to apply. The job will be based in New York.

We’re also hiring for a SF-based startup reporter.