We’re hiring a startup reporter

News reporter or journalist at a typewriter with clock on wallWe’re looking for an energetic and enterprising reporter to cover startups in Silicon Valley for GigaOM and paidContent. Sure, like any other tech site, we’d love to “discover” the next Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox or Instagram. But more importantly, we’re interested in drilling down into startups that are using technology to create change in industries—whether or not those efforts lead to billion-dollar valuations and splashy IPOs.

We want a reporter who can look at a startup and see compelling storylines, rather than just a bunch of names and numbers. We want a reporter who doesn’t just regurgitate press releases, but who can conceive of and then report out their own fresh ideas. We want a reporter who is a great networker and who has a knack for picking up nuggets of news along the way. The best candidates will be both fast on their feet and creative: able to blast out a piece of news quickly but equally capable of producing an original analysis piece. See the job description here, and send us a note if you’d like to apply.

We’re also hiring for a NYC-based media and advertising reporter.