Of course, Apple’s 25 billionth iOS app was downloaded in China

Apple(s AAPL) has officially recognized its 25 billionth iOS app downloaded by a customer. That customer, Apple announced Monday, is one Chunli Fu, of Qingdao, China.
This is just too perfectly fitting, that a customer in a major city in China ends up symbolizing the reach, influence and internationalization of Apple’s mobile App Store over the four years since its opening — especially when you also┬áconsider how China is so vitally important to Apple’s future as a company, and the degree to which Apple is entangled in China’s industrial and economic fortunes.
Taking the symbolism a bit further, the app that put the store over the 25 billion download threshold was Where’s My Water?, a free puzzle-game app made by Disney(s DIS). Games have been the most popular apps over the years since Apple started allowing iOS device owners to download apps built by third-party developers.
As per the rules of the contest, Fu gets a $10,000 iTunes gift card.